Nautico for Light House

A lamp for the tallest residential building in Denmark


Nordic Tales – A Danish Brand Founded in 2012

We believe that everything around us has a tale to tell. To us, every object offers infinite narrative depth, and if you set the scene, it will unfold. We hope to spark imagination and create richer and livelier homes around the world. We strongly believe; what differs a home from a house, is your personal tales, embodied in the interior.


When we create a design, we seek to hint the Scandinavian design heritage, without repeating it. To us it is important to keep in mind where we originate, and to honor traditions – but most importantly, to make our contribution to the collective tale of Scandinavian design.

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Nordic Tales’ Approach to Design

The influence of our surroundings on human emotions and psychological well-being is widely acknowledged. However, the extent to which design elements affect our mental health may be far more significant than commonly understood. At Nordic Tales, we believe that individuals subliminally perceive the intentions behind designs, which can positively impact human well-being. We argue that through the “aha-experience,” humans can sense the care and effort invested in creating products, fostering a deeper connection with their environment. This belief drives our mission to design objects that resonate with users on a profound level.
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