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About Mormor

“Mormor” means grandmother in danish. The name was picked up during Kristian Bruuns personal and artistic exploration of street art in the early 2000s. Kristian Bruun took the name as his early venture into the world of art initially was tied to painting on dated ceramics. This reminded him about his childhood experience at his grandmother’s place.

Mormor quickly transitioned from drawing on thrifted coffee cups to creating art on walls and canvas. This marked the beginning of working with street art in a more conventional sense, which was unconventional at the time.

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From BIG to AGF

Mormor has collaborated with a variety of entities, ranging from international corporations to local municipalities. Notable collaborations include working with Bjarke Ingels Architects on a major residential project in Amsterdam and designing sportswear for the danish football team AGF.

In the studio Hollywood, located in Aarhus, Mormor experiments with various media and materials, including 24-karat gold leaf, always striving to challenge artistic boundaries while maintaining a playful approach to creation. The work emphasizes the integration of art into everyday life and the continuous joy in artistic endeavor.

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A Joint Venture to Venice

The cardboard box created for Pepo by Nordic Tales is a standout project, blending functionality with artistic flair. This box, utilized in the unique setting of Venice, serves not just as packaging but as a piece of art itself, integrating the Pepo lamp and other elements seamlessly into the artwork.

The artwork related to Venice captures the essence of the city through a large-scale original piece that has been digitized and resized for commercial distribution. The design features water scenes, life, and common sights in Venice, including selfie sticks, tourists, and rats—a playful commentary on the influx of tourism and its impact on the city’s authenticity.

The artwork draws on the dual nature of tourists and rats in Venice, using this dualism to engage viewers and reflect on the environmental and cultural impacts of mass tourism. The project not only enhances the aesthetic value of everyday objects but also invites recipients to appreciate and possibly preserve the packaging as a work of art.

Explore items for sale here: Artworks

The Pepo Pendant

The Pepo pendant is a result of Jonas Hoejgaard’s contribution to the collaborative project ‘Joint Venture to Venice.’ This modern lighting piece is a deliberate attempt to bridge the ornate and historical richness of Venice with the minimalist sensibilities of the 21st century. Just as with Mormor’s painting, this lamp seeks to unite the city of Venice and the experience of it, along with both historical elements and modern aspects.

Visit the product page; Pepo Pendant

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