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The Jellyfish & The Lighthouse

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Jellyfish Research Center, Kyoto

At Kyoto Aquarium, one of West Japan’s premier jellyfish exhibits, we observed and analyzed their movement patterns. Our primary focus at the jellyfish research center was to decode these patterns. This study was essential for the authentic installation of the Nautico pendant. Understanding these motions ensured the lamp’s design genuinely reflected the graceful pulsations of a jellyfish.

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Production Of The Nautico Pendant

The Nautico pendant lamp is a testament to the confluence of traditional European craftsmanship and innovative design inspiration. Central to its production is the ancient art of mouth-blown glass, a technique perfected over centuries and passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

Produced in Europe, each Nautico lamp begins its journey as a clear vision, which is then transformed into reality by these master craftsmen. The glass used in the production of the pendant is deliberately infused with bubbles. This deliberate design choice seeks to emulate the ethereal and delicate nature of a jellyfish, capturing its essence and luminescent qualities.

Given the inherent intricacies and challenges of the mouth-blowing technique, every single Nautico lamp stands as a unique piece. The slight variations in shape, bubble density, and light refraction mean that no two lamps are identical. This individuality adds depth and character to each piece, ensuring that every Nautico lamp not only illuminates a space but also introduces a distinct personality to its surroundings.

Light House, Kilden & Hindby

The Nautico pendant lamp was commissioned specifically by the urban development company, Kilden & Hindsby. With their latest building Lighthouse, they recognized a need for an interior lighting solution that would align with the building’s architectural integrity and design essence.

In their brief, Kilden & Hindby emphasized a desire for a lamp that mirrored the building’s function and design – akin to the guiding light of a lighthouse.

Valuing the touch of local art, they collaborated with Aarhus artists, Peter Birk and Hans Krull. With the inclusion of their artwork, Kilden & Hindsby humbly aim for the Lighthouse to be more than just a structure, but a space that blends both architectural and cultural aspects.

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