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A Talk with Josephine Svane
co-founder of Jumbo Bakery

What inspired you to start Jumbo Bakery, and how did you come up with the name?

The inception of Jumbo Bakery was born from a simple, spontaneous idea that took on a life of its own. After spending several years in Copenhagen, my partner and I moved back to Aarhus and realized that our city was lacking a place that offered quality baked goods in a relaxed atmosphere. We wanted a destination that was grounded, but also valued quality ingredients, presentation, and creativity.

The name “Jumbo Bakery” emerged somewhat randomly. We weren’t entirely sure what direction the bakery would take, so we wanted a name that was flexible and more indicative of a feeling rather than a specific concept. The term ‘Jumbo’ often signifies something ‘big’ or ‘growing’, which resonated with us. We knew that we were fully committed to this venture, so in one way or another, it was going to be ‘big’ for us.

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Thoughts on Staying Creative

How do you ensure that you source the finest ingredients for your baked goods, and what impact do you think this has on the taste and quality of your products?

Our offerings often change, and along with them, so do our ingredients. We prioritize local produce over organic, but when we can source ingredients that are both local and organic, it’s a win-win. We strive to extract the best from what’s available, which is why we don’t rush into making something like a strawberry tart until the finest Danish strawberries are in season. The quality of our ingredients makes a world of difference, not just in terms of taste, but also in the overall dining experience.

How do you stay creative and keep coming up with new recipes and flavors for your baked goods?

We’re fortunate to have a diverse team that includes both creative minds and individuals focused on structure—both aspects are essential. We constantly push and challenge each other. We ask ourselves: what hasn’t Aarhus seen yet? How can we innovate while maintaining the spirit of traditional baking? There are countless combinations of cakes and bread, so we focus on what we like and why we like it. We only create things that we ourselves love and enjoy.

Photography: Josephine Svane

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Being an entrepreneur during Covid

What challenges have you faced during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you overcome them?

Starting a business that sells craftsmanship, with skilled and qualified people behind it, was our initial challenge. Setting the right prices, managing paperwork—these aren’t straightforward tasks, as I learned firsthand. The next challenge was navigating the pandemic. Fortunately, our paperwork and accounting were in order, allowing us to survive, albeit with some residual stress. We’re still repaying various COVID-relief loans, so in many ways, we’re still grappling with the aftermath. Not to mention, we’ve also had to cope with an energy crisis, leading to high bills and increased costs of raw materials. As we approach our fifth anniversary in October, we hope that this year will mark our first ‘normal’ financial year—fingers crossed.

The Future of Jumbo Bakery

What plans do you have for the future of Jumbo Bakery, and are there any exciting developments or expansions on the horizon?

Our main goal is to continually improve what we do while fostering the best possible working environment and a sense of community. As we look ahead to late 2025, we’re excited about new opportunities on the horizon.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business in the food industry?

Let your concept be a reflection of you and not an attempt to be something else. Find your inspiration from within your heart, not from your neighbor. Simple and good is always better than wanting more for the sake of more. Lastly, ensure you have a strong support system, you never know when the next crisis may hit.

Read more at: @Jumbo_Aarhus

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Photography: Josephine Svane

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