Breeze Pendant


The Breeze pendant lamp is crafted from European mouth-blown glass.

Bright Breeze features two layers of mouth-blown glass; one defining the outer contour, and the other creating a distinguished interior.

The lamp hangs from a 2-meter steel wire that can be easily adjusted.

The lamp is equipped with an E27 socket and can be controlled by DALI.

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MaterialMouth Blown Glass; Opaque & Matte
Dimensions(Ø-1) 200 mm (Ø-2) 230 mm
Technical InfoE27 Socket – 1 X Wire System
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard



A Study in Natural Diversity

Bright Breeze is based on two layers of mouth blown glass; one defining the outer contour, the other providing a distinguished inside.

Every lamp is unique, yet framed by the same outer lines. This hints at the natural diversity we find in nature, where a species follow the same guidelines, but are different at individual level.

Exploring Boundaries

Bright Breeze appear to be uniting both baroque and classic qualities. The outer layer of glass creates a strong uniform geometric shape, and contrary to this, the inner layer is organic and appears warm and liquid.

The Bright Breeze project seeks to explore the boundaries we define in order to distinguish and separate the things that surrounds us. What do we consider similar and different, and can something be different and similar at one and the same time?


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