Ripple Pendant


The Ripple pendant lamp is crafted from European mouth-blown glass.

The surface of Bright Ripple mimics the rings that appear on a liquid surface when an object breaks through it, a phenomenon known in nature as ‘capillary waves’.

The lamp hangs from a 2-meter steel wire that can be easily adjusted.

The lamp is equipped with an E27 socket and can be controlled by DALI.

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Technical InfoE27 Socket & 3m cord & 200 cm Steel Wire
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard
MaterialMouth Blown Glass & Solid Brass
Dimensions(Ø) 200 mm



The Tale About Ripple

The surface of Bright Ripple imitates the rings that appear on liquid, as an object breaks it’s surface. A phenomenon known from nature as ‘capillary waves’.

These rings create a distinct pattern and illustrate the relation between cause and effect, much like Newton’s Cradle. This hints that everything is connected – what happens in the south affects the conditions in the north and vice versa. In other words, this is an embodiment of the ripple effect expressed on a spherical shape, not much different from a planet.

Capillary Waves

Bright Ripple is shaped by a mathematical pattern, in strong aesthetic opposition to Barocco, which is unique and amorf. One could say that if Barocco is yin, Ripple is Yang, one cannot be fully understood without the other. Both projects are rooted in nature; Bright Barocco explores natural variation within a set of rules and Bright Ripple journeys the idea of rhythm, patterns and flirts with Fibonacci numbers. Both projects has strong poetic qualities, yet the beauty are expressed in very different forms.

Bright Ripple is classic and Bright Barocco, is baroque. The two lamps are each polemic examples of the two universal aesthetic languages, and between them you have the full spectrum.

Bright Ripple is produced from mouth blown glass, and comes with a solid brass lid.


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