Malus - JH15


Malus is produced from two types of mouth-blown glass, each with varying translucency. Combined with an exposed bulb, the design creates a total of three distinct lighting effects.

The lamp includes a 3-wire balance system to ensure proper installation.

Malus is equipped with an E27 socket, which can be replaced without the use of tools, if necessary.

MaterialMouth Blown Glass; Opaque & Matte
Dimensions(H) 200 mm (Ø) 240 mm
Technical InfoE27 & 3 x Wire Balance System
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard



The Tale About Malus

The Bright Malus explores our link to nature – Malus is latin for ‘apple’.

There are more than 7500 different types of apples in the world but they all share the iconic shape.

This shape feels natural to us and has hung above our heads for millions of years.

The Malus Project seeks to explore our natural link to this familiar shape. How does it affect us, and how may we benefit from reintroducing a shape that has been associated with something positive and nourishing throughout history.

When choosing a home, we often dream of an ocean view and vast green fields. Some say this is because our primal instinct tells us to camp in places with easy access to fish in the sea and prey in the forest.

In many ways, our primal search for nutrition still affects our day to day life and the choices we make to feel calm.

Artisan Qualities

The resemblance of an apple is not only seen in the beautiful contour of the lamp, defined by the mouth-blown glass, but the loose swung of the cord also imitates a natural stem. Just as an apple is supplied with nutrients through the stem, so too is the Bright Malus lit through its stem.

The Bright Malus is produced from two mirrored, mouth-blown shells. One is opaque, the other is diffuse.

The Bright Malus shines three different types of light. A directed light towards the table for optimal color rendering, a diffuse up-light that doesn’t blind and a semi-diffuse light to avoid a strong shadow between the directed light and the surrounding environment.


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