Modeco XL


The Modeco pendant lamp is made from European mouth-blown glass. This pendant pays homage to traditional European ornamented pendants, celebrating the rich heritage of intricate craftsmanship and exquisite detailing that characterized this timeless style.

The lamp is equipped with a 3-meter cord, an E27 socket, and can be dimmed and controlled by DALI.

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Technical InfoE27 Socket • 3m Textile Cord • Mouth Blown Glass
Designed byNordic Tales
MaterialMouth Blown Glass & Solid Brass
Dimensions(Ø) 300 mm



The Tale About Modeco

The name “Modeco” originates from the synthesis of the terminologies “Modernism” and “Art Deco,” two prevailing periods of the 20th century that exerted substantial influence on design and aesthetics. The Modeco design represents a departure from the previous modernistic trend and signifies the emergence of a new era, one where ornamentation is once again valued. Essentially, it is Nordic Tales’ first venture into a novel period of design where ornamentation plays a more significant role.

European Cultural Heritage

Modeco is an endeavor to embrace and reintroduce ornamentation and feminine values. In the late 20th century, the modernistic ideology was, to some extent, misinterpreted, and concepts like “less is more” were misconstrued as “cheaper is better.” This view, focused on economic optimization, disregarded the essential human desire for decorative ornamentation.

We hold the conviction that by harmoniously integrating values from both modernism and Art Deco into our creations in the 21st century, we can produce objects that are functional while still addressing the fundamental human need for decoration.

Design Period 2015-2019

In this period Nordic Tales underwent a significant transformation, moving to a concept store in Aarhus that served as a design laboratory. Engaging with visitors, the company embraced feedback to shape its future direction.
Nordic Tales matured through exhibitions in major European capitals and expanded its reach to other parts of the world, such Paris and Milan. The company adopted the latest technology, including 3D printers and virtual reality, fostering a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. This period marked a new chapter for Nordic Tales, characterized by transformation, expansion, and technological advancements, showcasing the importance of embracing change and innovation in the design world.


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