Nautico Pendant


The Nautico pendant is made from European mouth-blown glass.

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Technical InfoG9 Socket • Bulb Included • 500cm Twin Cord • 500cm wire
Dimensions(H): 150 mm (Ø): 200 mm
MaterialMouth Blown & Solid Brass
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard




A Lamp for Light House

Ever since man set to sea, the nautical twilight has challenged free roaming at nightfall. The problem was partially solved in the year 299 BC, when the first known lighthouse was erected in Alexandria, Egypt.

Nautico is an abstract interpretation of the vast creatures of the sea and like all living entities, every single lamp is unique. From the stained copper with its vivid colors, to the bubble inhabited glass.

Nautico is intending to mediate a dialogue between Light House, its inhabitants and the sea. For millennia humans have adapted the sea to our needs by the process of reclamation, but now it seems the tide might be turning and the awareness of our symbiotic relationship is more important than ever.

Nautico was initially designed for the halls of Light House, a prestigious skyrise in Aarhus, completed in 2023.

From Barcelona to Kyoto

The process of bringing the Nautico pendant to life has been one of Nordic Tales’ most comprehensive undertakings to date. From studying Gaudí in Barcelona to visiting a jellyfish research center in Kyoto, and from producing the various components that go into the design to coordinating with interior designers, lighting designers, and builders involved in realizing the final installation at Light House, every step has contributed to how Nordic Tales has matured and found its niche.

Read more about this journey in our Stories section: Behind Nautico

Design Period 2019 – Present

The years between 2019 and 2023 have been marked by a pivotal shift for Nordic Tales, as the company adapted to a post-Covid world and embraced cross-border partnerships. Navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, Nordic Tales has emerged stronger and more resilient, with an unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration. In this new landscape, Nordic Tales has formed strategic alliances with international partners, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a global network of creative minds. These collaborations have enriched the company’s design language, blending diverse influences to create a unique, cosmopolitan aesthetic.


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