Pepo Pendant


The Pepo Pendant is inspired by the lanterns of Venice.

The lamp is equipped with an E27 socket and can be controlled by DALI.

The lamp hangs from a 2-meter steel wire that can be easily adjusted.

The artwork for the Pepo pendant was done by Danish artist Mormor.

Technical InfoE27 Socket • 300 cm cord • 200 cm wire
Dimensions(Ø): 250 mm (H): 260 mm
MaterialMouth Blown & Spun Aluminium
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard



About The Design

The Pepo pendant light stands as an innovative interpretation of Venice’s newer industrial street lamps, reflecting a contemporary shift in Venetian design. This modern lighting piece is a deliberate attempt to bridge the ornate and historical richness of Venice with the minimalist sensibilities of the 21st century, a bold step in redefining traditional Venetian aesthetics.

Unlike the ornate and intricate designs commonly associated with Venice, the industrial street lamps that inspired the Pepo pendant are characterized by their more recent and functional design. These lamps, while still rooted in the essence of Venetian craftsmanship, lean towards a more streamlined and industrial aesthetic. They represent a newer facet of Venice’s design evolution, one that embraces simplicity and utility.

The Pepo pendant draws from this industrial motif, aiming to introduce a piece of Venice’s evolving design language into modern spaces. By doing so, it seeks to challenge the conventional perception of Venetian design, which is often typified by its lavish and baroque elements. The pendant’s design is a nod to the city’s ongoing journey into the contemporary era, showcasing how traditional craftsmanship can adapt and thrive in a modern context.

In crafting the Pepo pendant, there is a conscious effort to maintain a balance between the industrial and the ornate. The mouth-blown technique used in its creation is a homage to the age-old artistry of Venetian glassmakers, while its form and functionality reflect a modern industrial influence. This blend creates a unique piece that resonates with the present-day ethos of minimalism and functionality, while still carrying the essence of Venice’s rich artistic heritage.

Ultimately, the Pepo pendant light is more than just a lighting fixture; it’s a statement piece that encapsulates Venice’s journey into the modern age. It symbolizes the city’s ability to evolve and adapt, bringing its ornate and historical beauty into the 21st century in a form that is both respectful of the past and receptive to the future.

Mormor & Jonas Hoejgaard

Mormor and Jonas Hoejgaard collaborated on this project inspired by Venice. Mormor created graphical illustrations capturing the city’s essence, focusing on its unique atmosphere. Meanwhile, Jonas Hoejgaard designed a lamp that reflected Venice’s architectural beauty and color palette. This collaboration highlighted how art and design can merge to evoke the spirit of a place, blending Mormor’s visual storytelling with Hoejgaard’s functional artistry. Read more about the collaboration in the ‘Stories’ section.


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