Pleat Cabinet


The Pleat Cabinet is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans and took over four years to perfect.

Made from solid oak wood and veneer, the cabinet features a reinforced paper curtain.

While the Pleat Cabinet functions well as a freestanding piece of furniture, it can also serve as a HiFi stand, as remote devices can easily transmit signals through the curtain.

MaterialSolid Oiled Oak wood & Veneer – Reinforced Paper(replaceable)
Dimensions(H) 70 cm (W) 120 cm (D) 40 cm
Technical InfoThis product is shipping fully assembled
Designed byJonas Hoejgaard



About Pleat Cabinet

Pleat Cabinet is a furniture design looking both backward and forward in time. Most cabinets have an undeniably retro feel – and Pleat Cabinet is no exception. In fact, the design embraces the nostalgic look – but at the same time, it is designed to fit the demands of a modern home. The result is a timeless design that rethinks the functionality of the cabinet while retaining the classic lines.

To fit contemporary needs, the inside of the cabinet is fully customizable. With 6 shelves, you can arrange and rearrange your Pleat Cabinet to fit your exact needs – whether your cabinet is meant for storing liquor and board games or photo albums and those important documents we all have but don’t know what to do with. An invisible opening in the bottom of the cabinet even makes it possible to hide away cables, modems, and other technologies that are an unavoidable part of modern living – but maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing accessory for your home.

A Tribute to Traditional Lamp Making

Nordic Tales started out as a lighting brand and expanded to furniture later on. With a stepless textile curtain mimicking a pleated lampshade, Pleat Cabinet melts the two design branches together. By drawing on this well-known lamp feature, the design becomes highly recognizable – but by putting it in the context of furniture, it is transformed into something completely new, something unexpected.

The stepless curtain makes it possible to hide away what needs hiding away while putting other modules on display. The backside of the cabinet has a high finish, giving you the option of using your Pleat Cabinet as a freestanding piece that you can build your living space around – or you can place it more discreetly against a wall. It’s totally up to you!

Design Period 2015-2019

In this period Nordic Tales underwent a significant transformation, moving to a concept store in Aarhus that served as a design laboratory. Engaging with visitors, the company embraced feedback to shape its future direction.
Nordic Tales matured through exhibitions in major European capitals and expanded its reach to other parts of the world, such Paris and Milan. The company adopted the latest technology, including 3D printers and virtual reality, fostering a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. This period marked a new chapter for Nordic Tales, characterized by transformation, expansion, and technological advancements, showcasing the importance of embracing change and innovation in the design world.


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